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1711 Route 5
Barnet, VT 05861

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Our goal is to Reflect your unique style and personality in designing beautiful spaces! We will guide you through the process of achieving this by offering color selection, room layout suggestions, shopping assistance, and placement of art and accessories...We specialize in "room re-dos". We will update your home utilizing what you already own.

Refine and Reflect Your Unique Style
Simple to extravagant...color, furnishings, art, and accessories will reflect your personality and lifestyle..Incorporating your ideas and treasures with
our design "eyes" provides gorgeous results!

Rearrange and Redesign Spaces for a Refreshed Look
Utilizing your own furnishings and accessories is not only economical, but creative, too! By rearranging, adding, and editing items, you'll be treated
to a whole new look for your home!

Reclaim, Recycle, and Rejuvenate Tired Living Areas
We'll provide a new perspective on the things you already love and give them renewed style and function. A high style room redo without the high
price tag.

Reap the Rewards of Home Selling...Realize Your Home's True Value by Presenting It at Its Best
Today's real estate market is highly competitive. Get an edge by presenting your property in its' best light for a fast sale and the best return!


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