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Fat Bike T-Shirts

Welcome to Fat Bike T-shirts! We are a t-shirt company in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont rollin' out smokin' hot shirts for all seasons.
Who are we? Good question. Today we are a mostly retired couple who, in the late 60’s, immigrated to Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. We raised a family, had jobs, made good friends and forgot, or were too lazy, to leave.

What’s this got to do with t-shirts? Another good question. We live on the famed Kingdom Biking Trails and along with 54 other land owners proudly donate our land for recreational mountain biking and Nordic skiing. Our view these days is skiers, snowshoers and lots of fatbikers cruising by. That’s when it came to us, as a fleet of bikers rolled through our yard—“Roll a Fat One”.

Within weeks our marketing-savvy daughter had designed a t-shirt, set up a FaceBook page, got us on Instagram, and gave us a crash course in social media. In the meantime, our local sports shop picked up the shirts, Kingdom Trails Winterbike 2014 sold a bunch, and suddenly orders started pouring in from faraway places like New Mexico, Indiana, and Rhode Island!

We are blown away by the sudden interest in our design, Roll A Fat One... What? It’s just about a bike!


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