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From country stores to artists & craftsmens' studios, the Burke area has many unique shops to explore.  The friendly folks at our local markets are happy to help you find life's little necessities or groceries and the farmers' market is a wonderful chance to socialize and purchase local foods and hand-crafted items.  The beauty and remoteness of the area lends itself to creative spirits.  In and beyond Burke, you'll find many Artists and Craftspeople hard at work letting inspiration get the best of them.  A visit to their shops or studios is a must do experience during your Vermont vacation, just be sure to call ahead to let them know you're coming.   



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High Beams Lighting

One-of-a-kind hand-made lighting. Lamps are made of copper and brass and given a patina. Shades are made of Mica with real botanicals. Mica shades can withstand 350 degrees. The mineral is perfect for lampshades.

29 Michaud Drive, Sutton, VT 05867  map it with google maps
802-467-3943 |

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