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Kingdom Trails featured in the Huffington Post Travel Section!

announced August 29, 2013

Sexy Vermont: 50 Shades of Green by Richard Bangs


"...Thoreau said "give me a wildness no civilization can endure," and he could have been ordering the Northeast Kingdom, the most remote realm of the state, a domain admired for her refusal to compromise with the contemporary world, a place more Vermont than Vermont. She has, however, become a mountain biking mecca. Lilias Ide, the lavishly tattooed operations manager at Kingdom Trails, describing the trail experience, uses the word "stimulating." She also says the color green, a hue I more associate with Christmas and St. Patrick's Day, is sexy. It seems a suggestion that inhabits some previously uncharted crevice between the glib and the profound.


I think about this aperçu while riding the chairlift to the top of Burke Mountain, where several of the more extreme single-track trails launch. And watching the waves of green undulating beneath me, 50 shades of green, I find myself agreeing with Lilias. The woods transcend the ornamental; raw, wild, exciting and implacable, a lusty, voluptuous stealth of Nature. And then the route down, sinuous as a snake, the perfume of churned earth sparking the nose, the cool wind on the face, the hot pant of sun on the neck, and in front, a pair of toned legs pumping. She is right...this is the velocity of desire..."  READ MORE

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