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Chuck Guest

205 Route 114
East Burke, VT 05832

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I was born and raised just north of Philadelphia, PA. I spent almost every summer of my childhood at the beach in Owls Head, Maine. I grew to love the ocean and feel an inner attachment to it. 


I moved to Vermont over 30 years ago and love the laid back slower pace that it offers. Several years ago I met a Brazilian lady online who was living in the Boston area. We married and eventually found a second home in Beachmont, MA overlooking the ocean. When I am there I often sit for hours just watching the ever changing ocean and sky and its beauty. This is the inspiration that drove me from deep within to capture that feeling on canvas.


Once I started painting I realized how much I loved it. I enjoy using the bold and contrasting colors that nature offers. So many people comment on how much they love the work and how happy it makes them feel just looking at it! 


One artist stopped by to see my work and later wrote me “I'm so glad I saw your paintings today, I felt like I was on a mini-vacation!” One customer told me a couple of days after she purchased a painting “My husband says all you do is sit in the living room and stare at the painting!!”


I love painting and creating works that reflect my inner being. I never realized how enjoyable it would be to create images that reflect the things I love so much!


My paintings are now made on stretchers that are made in Vermont from reclaimed wood.

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