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Haystack Mountain

Long Pond Road
Westmore, VT

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At an elevation of 2712 feet, Haystack Mountain is located just outside of Willoughby State Forest in Westmore. The low, but rugged, peak is aptly named for its abrupt sides that climb steeply from all directions. The peak is accessible by two trails, the North Trail and South Trail, and offers excellent local views towards Long Pond, Bald Mountain and beyond in several directions.

North Trail: Approximately 0.6 miles past the boat access at Long Pond, the North Trail on Haystack begins at a small parking area on Long Pond Road. Parking is limited, so please take care to keep the road clear. From the trailhead, the trail climbs moderately through open hardwoods for some time before ascending steeply onto the summit knoll and intersecting one of several short spur trails. To the right, a spur trail leads to a western lookout with views of Long Pond, Lake Willoughby and beyond. Continuing straight, North Trail soon reaches the summit (marked with a large rock pile) and the junction with the South Trail. SUMMARY: trailhead to Haystack summit, approx. 1.0 mi., <1 hr. (Rev. 1/2 hr.) South Trail: This trail leaves the summit of Haystack Mountain and soon reaches two lookouts, one to the east and one to the south. Continuing down the trail quickly drops into mixed woods and follows moderate grades back to Long Pond Road. From here, it is a short walk back to the North Trail parking area (approx. 1.2 mi.). SUMMARY: Haystack summit to Long Pond Road, approx. 1.0 mi., <1hr. (Rev. 1/2 hr.); Haystack Loop: North Trail to South Trail w/ Long Pond Rd. walk, approx. 3.0 mi., 2 hrs.

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