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Kingdom Canine Center

738 Lynburke Rd (Route 5)
Lyndonville, VT 05851

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Kingdom Canine Center offers pet grooming, dog daycare, overnight boarding, training and agility classes! Seeing dogs everyday is what we live for here at KCC. We love seeing our regular clients and meeting all our new ones :) We pride ourselves in having happy dogs leave our facility no matter what service was provided.
Please feel free to stop by during business hours to check out the facility!

We groom all breeds of dogs and cats. Using only gentle methods we will never force your pet to be groomed. We don't want them to be scared to come here. :) We befriend your pet so they trust us to work on them. We have a high success rate with even the toughest of dogs.

Grooming includes : A bath, brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning, and hair cut (if needed/ desired). Pricing is based on the amount of work that is done for each individual pet. (example : if you have a large hairy dog that you want brushed out it will cost more than a dog that maybe the same size but with less hair.)

It has been a dream of Deanna's for a very long time and finally the opportunity presented itself. KCC offers overnight and day boarding. We are proud to be able to take care of your best friend and ensure their safety as well.

Our favorite part is your pet is never alone. Deanna lives right here, in the same building! This was a must, as we could never leave our pets somewhere they would be alone all night. Our Kennels are inside and heated. We let them out periodically during the day either with each other to play or if they want to be alone that's fine too.

We also have an indoor play area for those really cold Vermont days. So no matter the weather your pet will get to stretch their legs, get belly rubs, play ball, wrestle or just hang out.

Manners classes are simply fun! Classes are taught all year round. The trainers, Deanna or Casey, are very understanding that every dog is different and learn at different speeds. We teach you how to train your dog so you can take the training with you as your dog grows. Spaces are limited to 3 dogs per class, allowing for more one on one time and more problem solving. We use the positive reinforcement training method. We do not use choke or prong collars. We want your dog to want to work for you!

In the class we cover the following:
Name recognition, focus, sit, down, stay, come, walking on a leash, and sitting for the food dish. We also touch on the benefits of crate training and what to look for in your dog food ingredients. Because the class is so small we can also answer any questions you may have. If we don't know the answer we will find it for you.

Agility is the fastest growing dog sport today. Competitions are held worldwide for the serious competitor. But whether you want to compete or just have fun with your dog, we can get you there! Agility classes are held Spring through Fall as weather allows. As your dog learns to run through the tunnels and leap over the jumps you will see their confidence boost. They will be challenged mentally as well as physically. This is the perfect chance for you and your dog to bond!

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