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Lyndonville United Methodist Church

100 Church Street
Lyndonville, VT 05851

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The Methodist Church in Lyndonville, VT dates from 1867, when services were first conducted over the Railroad Company by Rev. George W. Bickford, the resident pastor at Lyndon. After a time, services were held in the village schoolhouse. The next site was Brown’s Wholesale Store on Broad Street.

The first resident pastor was Rev. W.R. Davenport, who arrived in 1878. The chapel was dedicated in December of that year, having been built on land acquired from the Railroad Company on Church Street. The chapel was 30x40. In mid-1897 work was begun on the enlargement of the chapel. The next major repair of the church came in 1930 when the basement was excavated and the rooms created a 50x30 dining room and a 24x30 kitchen. Then in 1962 added a new entrance and four room addition. In 1972 the steeple was added.

There is a good feeling in our worship on Sunday morning. People dress informally, feeling comfortable to wear what they want. There is an informality to our worship as well. We are free to laugh aloud and cry aloud. We clap in appreciation for an anthem well done. We talk to each other before church and we join in a weekly coffee hour after worship. Concerns are voiced during “The prayers of the people” and are brought to God in prayer. Mistakes when made are enjoyed as a gift of humanness and are greeted with laughter and encouragement.

We are a singing church. Our hymns are sung with enthusiasm and at a lively temp. We are proud of our choir. They add greatly to our service. Sunday morning worship is the base from which we carry out our ministry to the community and the world.

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