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When I'm not delving into dumpsters or scavenging around salvage yards, I create Mixed-Media Mosaic Art using primarily recycled, salvaged and reclaimed materials — and I love the entire process. The art and craft of making mosaics is totally engrossing to me because it involves the heart in the passion of creation, the head in fitting together all the elements of the puzzle, and the hands in fine craftsmanship. For me, art is both interaction and expression; an exploration of discovery that perfectly weds the mind, the soul and the body in an ongoing, thought-provoking, and always entertaining, dialog...with myself, with the world around me — and with ALL the stuff, both physical and metaphysical, of life.

I also offer small group and individual classes; serve as Artist-in-Residence for schools; plan, design and coordinate community public art projects; and sell some mosaic materials and supplies. Commissions welcome!

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