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 Perhaps a present residence or living situation cannot easily accommodate a person’s new and changing needs. A nursing home, a hospital, or a series of well-meaning but unmanaged people in and out of one’s home is not a scenario many mindful people might imagine for themselves in their final weeks as he or she must prepare for their death.


I understand that history, culture, temperament, personal beliefs, and lifestyle are all components of a life, and that each person and his or her family is individual.

There is an increasing number of people who don’t want to be denied a good death when the time is imminent.


I believe that everyone deserves the best death possible as they determine that to be. My goal is to help make that a reality for those on my path by providing personalized, private end of life hospice care and support at my home in Concord, Vermont.

My purpose and blessing is to provide the physical, emotional and spiritual environment conducive to the richest experience possible for my individual clients as they face their final days, weeks or months on this plane. Dying well can require some work, and I have found that a neutral, peaceful, and protected space can greatly enhance its accomplishment, and also that allowing that time will often have a very positive effect on those who must be left behind.


I support my clients in a number of ways, the first of which is to provide a constant and continuous 24 hour a day presence as they personally require it, to assist with all needs and tasks as required, and to work closely with our local Home Health agency to schedule and facilitate their medical and other Hospice services. My home focuses on caring for only up to two people at any one time allowing particular and specific attention to them and their families. My home is welcoming and totally inclusive.


Dying is our last major activity here, and doing it well is important. I believe it should be done with great care and empathy, some dignity, and perhaps, some humor. My home is VSED supportive.


•Quiet, private, comfortable environment in my rural country home
•24 hour supervision
•Continuous, personally tailored care
•Regular communication and coordination with Home Health and Hospice supports
•Home cooked foods prepared as requested
•Accompanied transportation provided for outings and appointments
•Comfortable Life Care suite, complete with kitchenette
•Sitting parlor and guest room available for family and friends to visit, rest and regroup as needed
•Every possible effort made to satisfy those needs and desires specific to the patient

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