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Town of Sutton

167 Underpass Rd
Sutton, VT 05867

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The Town of Sutton is located in the northernmost part of Caledonia County. Covering 38.2 square miles, Sutton is bordered on the west by Barton and Sheffield, on the northeast by Newark and Westmore, on the southeast by Burke and on the south by Lyndon.

Sutton’s rural environment includes extensive farmland, scenic vistas and wooded beauty, wetlands and wildlife, and a compact village center which is home to the Town’s municipal services.

Sutton’s notable scenic vistas include the following: To the west is Hardscrabble Mountain (2,225 ft), to the east is Burke Mountain (3,267 ft) with its ski slopes, and to the north is the dramatic Willoughby Gap. This gap is formed by Mt. Pisgah to the east at 2,751 ft. (which is located in Sutton’s neighbor to the north, Westmore), and Mt. Hor to the west at 2,648 ft. Lake Willoughby lies between these two mountains.

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