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Chef Inspired Cuisine. Willy's features an extensive catering menu and is happy to cater your next functions, wedding, or other special event. The cuisine focuses on the chef's German heritage, but is infused with many cultures, with a Bavarian and French twist informed by dishes from Thailand, Vietnam and Nouveau Contemporary. The menu changes seasonally. Willy's makes all its own desserts, including ice cream, all its own baked goods, and all its own pasta, including house-made ravioli.

In addition to exquisite food and renowned service, Willy's Catering offers its own rental program at a discounted rate compared to other rental companies. Our pattern is a classic white china that adds simple elegance to any banquet facility or event.

• Plate Ware
• Silver Ware
• Glass Ware
• Table Ware
• Coffee & Tea Service
• Dessert Service
• Appetizer Service
• Platters, Pitchers, Urns
• Mobile Kitchen


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