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Kingdom Trails pursuing purchase and protection of 250 acres on Darling Hill

announced February 12, 2020


Kingdom Trail Association is pursuing the purchase of 2266 Darling Hill Road Lyndonville, VT, a property formerly owned by Ariel Quiros and currently under Receivership.

Kingdom Trails Board of Directors has chosen to pursue this purchase of the 250 acre property as it hosts miles of iconic trails at the center of the KTA network. Kingdom Trails’ principal goal in purchasing is to maintain those trails and protect this land from development. As there are use restrictions on a portion of the property that includes the residence, Kingdom Trails does not plan to place a Summer or Winter Welcome Center at this location.

Kingdom Trail’s mission is to provide recreation and education opportunities by managing, maintaining, and building trails to foster the health of the local community, surrounding environment, and regional economy. By purchasing and protecting this stunning property, Kingdom Trails will add value to our neighbors on Darling Ridge, help preserve our community’s natural resources, scenic landscape, and the outdoor recreation opportunities that exist on this parcel.


Together with the Vermont Land Trust and the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board, Kingdom Trails is exploring opportunities to conserve and protect approximately 240 acres of this land in perpetuity. ...


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